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  • What is your investment process?
    Our investment process is based an investment policy statement (IPS) that defines your goals and risk tolerances. Thus, your IPS establishes the basis for managing investments for you with discretion. Based on this we establish an asset allocation strategy. We select mutual funds and exchange traded funds that meet our selection criteria, and we monitor the strategy over time.
  • What is your investment Philosophy?
    We have a strong bias for total return. This means that dividends and interest are an important part of overall return. Generally, we use bond funds to some degree in all of our strategies. We also believe in diversification and we select mutual fund managers, or market indexes for each asset class using Morningstar analytics.
  • Do you only work with discretion?
    Clients have the option to work with us without discretion if they wish. However, these are typically legacy clients. Our recommendation to clients is to engage us on a discretionary basis.
  • What investment strategies do you use?
    Typically our clients chose between Growth, Growth and Income, Balanced Income, and Conservative Income Strategies. These differ in the amount of income that is generated, and in the proportion of equity funds relative to bond funds. Full Information about this is available in our disclosure brochure.
  • Who has custody of client funds?
    Bryn Mawr Wealth Management LLC never has actual custody of client funds. However, clients authorize limited powers that allow us to make investments and that gives us the capacity to bill fees. TD AMERITRADE INSTITUTIONAL is our custodian for client accounts, and provides all investment services, generates account statements, trade confirmations, and provides a client accessible website. Clients also authorize our ability to distribute funds to them by direct deposit or delivery by written authorization to TD AMERITRADE INSTITUTIONAL.
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