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Bryn Mawr Wealth Management LLC never has actual custody of client funds. However, clients authorize limited powers that allow us to make investments, and that gives us the capacity to bill fees.  TD AMERITRADE INSTITUTIONAL is our custodian for client accounts, and provides all investment services, generates account statements, trade confirmations, and provides a client accessible website. Clients also authorize our ability to distribute funds to them by direct deposit or delivery by written authorization to TD AMERITRADE INSTITUTIONAL.

We feel that the following points distinguish us from many other advisory firms you may be considering.

  1. Bryn Mawr Wealth Management is a discretionary advisor who makes investment decisions based on a customized investment policy.

  2. We are an independent firm,  not owned by a bank, brokerage, or insurance company.

  3. By not selling products or services, we avoid conflicts of interest.

  4. Though we work with affluent households, we do not have account minimums.

Consequently, Bryn Mawr Wealth Management would be a good choice for you if want a  small independent advisor firm to manage assets without the sales culture of a bank, Insurance company, or Wall-Street Broker-Dealer.

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